DSEN Research

What is a DSEN Query

DSEN sponsored research responds to “queries” identified by healthcare decision-makers. A DSEN query is a focused, well defined question, resulting from a gap in evidence on the safety and effectiveness of drugs on the Canadian market.


DSEN focuses on the safety and effectiveness of biologics and pharmaceutical drugs used in the real-world. Over-the-counter drugs, medical devices and natural health products are presently not addressed under DSEN's mandate.


Decision-makers eligible to submit DSEN queries include the federal regulator, public drug plans, and organizations mandated to support Federal, Provincial and Territorial decision-making with respect to drugs.

The table below identifies the parties who are eligible as well as ineligible to submit DSEN Queries.

Eligible parties Ineligible parties
  • Federal regulator
  • Public drug plan
  • Organizations mandated to support Federal/ Provincial/Territorial decision making with respect to drugs (e.g. Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health)
  • Voluntary Health Organizations
  • For profit enterprises (e.g. drug manufacturers, private insurance providers)
  • Individual practitioners
  • Community pharmacies
  • Public (e.g. patients, advocacy or consumer organizations)


DSEN has two documents available, which provide a description of the management processes of the DSEN Queries and guidance to assist stakeholders in submitting Queries.

Template "DSEN Query Summary" for submission of DSEN Query [ Fillable PDF (62 KB) ] (A Word version is available upon request to DSEN-RIEM@cihr-irsc.gc.ca).

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