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What is a Best Brains Exchange (BBE)?

A BBE is a one-day meeting that brings together policy makers and researchers to discuss a health topic of shared interest and high priority to the partner.

These invitation-only events:

  • Provide senior policy makers with high-quality, timely and accessible research evidence and implementation experience tailored to meet their needs;
  • Enable open dialogue around the relevance of the evidence to the current policy context; and
  • Foster relationships between policy makers, researchers and implementation experts with shared interests.

BBEs are informal gatherings that promote interaction, exchange and mutual learning between researchers and policy makers.

How can my organization host a BBE?

BBEs are planned based on the identified needs and timelines of our partners. The first step in planning a BBE is to contact CIHR's Knowledge Translation Strategy Unit.

Examples of recent BBEs include:

  • Identifying and addressing vaccine hesitancy
  • Fortifying the food supply with vitamin D
  • Diagnosing Lyme disease
  • Monitoring opioid use
  • Health impacts of climate change
  • Managing chemical emergencies and disasters
  • Addiction treatment and recovery
  • Reducing the risk of online gambling

"The Best Brains Exchange represented an excellent opportunity for the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors to bring together our colleagues from across government to learn and share knowledge. The evidence and ideas that emerged from the presentations and the ensuing discussions will be invaluable to the Nova Scotia government as we determine where best to focus our efforts and resources and move our policy agenda forward."

- Simon d'Entremont, Deputy Minister, Nova Scotia Department of Seniors

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Interaction / Exchange / Mutual Learning

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