Steps in the Funding Process

Once you have decided to partner with CIHR, the following six main steps are involved:

1. Negotiate and sign a collaborative agreement

Whether you are partnering with funding dollars or in-kind contributions, an agreement must be developed and signed. This will outline:

  • responsibilities and contributions of each partner
  • funding tools to be used
  • the funding opportunity launch process
  • regulations to which CIHR is bound as a federal entity

2. Draft, approve and launch a funding opportunity

You and the other participating partners choose which funding opportunities and tools to use. Funding opportunities can be launched any time of the year, but are sometimes coordinated with CIHR’s large bi-annual launches in June and December. About four months before the anticipated launch date, we recommend starting to draft text announcing the funding opportunity. The text must be drafted, approved by all partners, approved by CIHR Program Delivery staff and then translated. All this must be completed and submitted about two months before the funding opportunity launches. 

3. Relevance review

Partners (including CIHR) review parts of submitted applications to determine whether the proposed research is in alignment with the research priorities outlined in the funding opportunity. This process ensures that partners are able to support only the applications that are relevant to their priorities.

4. Peer review

Applications are evaluated and ranked by experts in the same field (i.e. peers of the applicant). You may suggest individuals to serve as peer reviewers, but CIHR retains the final decision regarding committee composition. To learn more about this internationally recognized system, visit Understanding Peer Review.

5. Decisions and administration of the funds

CIHR sends letters to successful applicants with funding decisions made through peer and relevance review. These letters acknowledge the funding contributions of all partners. Your organization will either receive an invoice from CIHR to disburse the grant or award funds on your behalf, or we may each take responsibility for releasing our portion of funds or in-kind contributions to the applicant. These details will be outlined in the collaborative agreement.

6. Stay in touch

To enhance knowledge translation activities and foster further innovation, CIHR wants to stay in touch! Continuing the relationship after the competition cycle is over, paves the way for additional partnership opportunities in the future.    

Email for help or information on any of these steps.

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