Résultats de l'outil d'établissement de liens entre partenaires pour la Subvention d’équipe : AMMC Santé mentale – Canada-Chine


L'information est fournie dans la langue dans laquelle le répondant l'a présentée.

Le tableau ci-dessous contient les renseignements de chercheurs et de personnes désirant échanger de l'information ou établir des collaborations en lien avec la subvention d'équipe : AMMC Santé mentale – Canada-Chine.

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Le tableau sera mis à jour de façon bihebdomataire, jusqu'à la date limite de présentation des demandes  (2017-04-11).

Coordonnées Catégorie d’intervenant Champ d’intérêt Expérience, connaissances et expertise
Dr. Erin Michalak
University of British Columbia
British Columbia, Canada
Langue de correspondance : Anglais
Chercheure mood disorders, bipolar disorder, patient/community I am an Associate Prof. in Psychiatry at UBC whose research focuses on the prevention and management of mental health disorders, specifically, BD. I am a leading expert on QoL, psychosocial treatments and self-management in BD; I have produced the only condition-specific BD QoL measure and designed and implemented online tools to incorporate QoL assessments into self-management and clinical care. My implementation science expertise is demonstrated by the network I founded and lead, CREST.BD, unique internationally in application of KT/Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) in the BD field. Through CREST.BD, I have considerable expertise in working with relevant populations – the network has 33 academic/clinician/patient core members, 11 trainees and 500+ knowledge users. Further, CREST.BD has authentic partnerships with 17 key mental health organisations in Canada and abroad in its work in low-/middle-income countries. I am co-Chair of the ISBD Community Engagement Taskforce.
Dr. Joseph DeSouza
Director Interdisciplinary Studies
York University - Centre for Vision Research
Ontario, Canada
1-416-736-2100 x22946
Langue de correspondance : Anglais
Chercheur Examining alternative therapies such as Dance Movement Therapy for help with Mental Health issues. Our lab is collaborating with Les Grand Ballet DMT I am a visual motor neuroscientist that has lately been interested in the effects of dance on the brain. See 2016 PLOS one paper and more recent paper examining Dance for Parkinson's disease and National News. We are about to study these effects of DMT at McGill with undergrads.
Dr. Arlene Astell
University of Toronto
Ontario, Canada
Langue de correspondance : Anglais
Chercheure Innovative approaches to supporting people to live well with dementia including technological and behavioural interventions Experience of working with people who have dementia from different cultures and languages, creating technological solutions that are not language or culture bound. Currently collaborating with digital partners in China around innovating new applications using mobile platforms to support ageing. Experience in technology co-creation with people with dementia, family care partners and staff in healthcare organisations.
Dr. Hongmei Tong
Assistant Professor
MacEwan University
Alberta, Canada
Langue de correspondance : Anglais
Chercheur Depression in later life, Dementia in Alzheimer disease Tong’s doctoral research explored the relationship between social exclusion and health among older adults in the rapidly changing socio-economic context of Shanghai, China. Dr. Tong has been involved in numerous projects, including those funded by SSHRC and CIHR, which have significantly enhanced her knowledge, skills, and expertise in conducting research in mental health. She has volunteered with community agencies supporting aging immigrants in Calgary and Edmonton, which has deepened her understanding of social exclusion and mental health of aging population.
Dr. Arnaud Duhoux
Professeur Adjoint
Université de Montréal
Québec, Canada
514 343 6111 poste 37126
Langue de correspondance : Anglais & Français
Chercheur Depression and anxiety disorders Audit and feedback Primary care Performance indicators I have expertise in performance indicators development. I'm interested in studying the implementation of audit and feedback (AF) interventions for depressive and anxiety disorders. We know that AF is effective. However we need to develop knowledge on how to optmize AF to increase its effects. Head-to-head trials could provide us informations about what component of AF are more effective. We can use different data (administrative, EMR, cohrot studies) to audit the performance of services, and data linkage is promising.
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