Susan Babcock


Director, Research Ethics Office
University of Alberta

Committee membership

Stem Cell Oversight Committee


Ms. Susan Babcock is the Director of the Research Ethics Office at the University of Alberta. A career academic administrator, Babcock has worked at the University of Alberta for ~30 years. Before coming to the Research Ethics Office in 2006, her previous roles included University governance, Faculty administration, and research grants management, as well as management of two externally funded centres. In the Research Ethics Office, Babcock is accountable for providing the overall strategic and operational framework for, and coordination of, effective and responsible administration of ethics requirements for all research involving human participants and all research, teaching and testing involving animals. Her office supports all human participant research and animal use undertaken by University staff and trainees, as well as all human participant research conducted by staff from Covenant Health (throughout Alberta) and Alberta Health Services (greater Edmonton area and Northern Alberta). In addition, Babcock is responsible for management of research ethics complaints and non-compliance issues. Her toolkit includes business skills (MBA), the ability to take a long view (MA Chinese History), very high tolerance for ambiguity, an unhealthy fondness for policy work, sound common sense and a good sense of humour.

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