Call for Nominations: 2018 Institute Advisory Boards (IABs)

A call for nominations will be launched in early 2018. Open and transparent, this recruitment process will focus on filling remaining gaps in expertise on IABs.

Until the online application is launched, and in preparation for submitting your IAB Application, you can start by filling the template Funding CV named CIHR IAB as indicated below:

Step 1 – Creating a CIHR PIN and/or a ResearchNet Account

  • Access ResearchNet and use the "Register" link to request a new account.
  • If you don't already have a CIHR PIN, sign in to your ResearchNet account. Once signed in, click on your name (top right of the screen) and select from the drop-down menu "Register for a CIHR PIN" and complete the form.
  • There will be a delay of approximately one working day to receive confirmation of your PIN.

Note: You will be required to validate your PIN on the Common CV system prior to submitting your CV. To validate your PIN/System Account choose the PIN option from the main menu and follow the instructions. For additional information, click on the "Register with CIHR" link.

Step 2 - Create a CIHR IAB CV

  • Login to your Common CV account.

    A new funding CV template named CIHR IAB has been created to capture the necessary IAB applicant information. This template is a scaled-down version of CIHR’s current Academic and Knowledge User CVs as it contains only the information required for the purpose of selecting IAB members.

    Note: It is not necessary to enter data in the Generic CV. Select the Funding CV named CIHR IAB (not the generic CV) to focus your efforts on providing the information required for applying to become an IAB member.

We also invite you to consult the CIHR Institutes web pages to review their specific areas of focus.

For more information about applying, contact Gisèle Lacelle, Senior Governance Advisor, Governance Membership Program, by telephone 613-941-6177 or by e-mail,

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