Clarifying CIHR’s Investigator-Initiated Programs Budget

October 25, 2017

We have received a number of questions about the budget available for the current Project Grant and Foundation Grant competitions, and we would like to offer clarification.

  • Success rates are not pre-determined. The success rate of a competition is based on many factors (number of applications received, amounts requested, peer review decisions, etc.), so CIHR cannot offer predictions of (or commitments to) a specific success rate for the Fall 2017 Project Grant competition. Historical patterns can provide a ballpark number, but the factors for each competition may be unique and should be treated as such.
  • Bridge grants are not counted in the competition success rates. After the peer review process is complete and decisions are released to applicants, CIHR may post a breakdown of the funding statistics for a given competition. For a Project Grant competition, this breakdown may include bridge grants, but bridge grants are not counted to “boost” the success rate of that competition.
  • The total budget available for the investigator-initiated programs (Project Grant and Foundation Grant) is approximately $575M.
    • This includes approximately $125M for the current (and subsequent) Foundation Grant competitions. There is one Foundation Grant competition per year.
    • This includes approximately $225M per competition for Project Grants. There are two Project Grant competitions per year.
    • However, the budget is slightly higher for the Fall 2017 Project Grant competition. There is approximately $340M allocated to the current competition, based on budget reallocations due to the competition’s delayed launch.
    • The Spring 2018 Project Grant competition will not maintain the Fall 2017 competition budget level and will resume the $225M/competition pattern.
    • These amounts do not factor in any potential budget increase to CIHR and are based entirely on current budget availability and allocations.
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