Minister Philpott announces CIHR Intersectoral Prevention Research Team grantees

Dear colleagues,

I’m pleased to share the good news that the federal Minister of Health Jane Philpott joined CIHR’s Institute of Population & Public Health (IPPH) yesterday in announcing an investment of $17.7 million for nine Intersectoral Prevention Research Teams. These teams will study what constitutes a healthy environment to build more effective disease prevention and health promotion strategies.

This initiative is the result of incredible efforts by my predecessor, former IPPH Scientific Director Nancy Edwards, who succeeded in advocating for greater investment in prevention research and implementation science across CIHR’s funding programs. The hope for this initiative is that it can help us gain a better understanding of how we can make improvements to the spaces in which we live, work and play so that we may live with optimal health. For example, the Minister and I were joined yesterday in Montreal by two grantees – Lise Gauvin and Yan Kestens – both exceptional researchers at the Université de Montréal / CRCHUM whose teams will be studying how urban environments can be shaped to improve our health. Both Lise and Yan are personal friends so it was wonderful to share in their good news when the Minister announced the grants at this year’s World Health Summit.

These Intersectoral Prevention Research Team grants are part of CIHR’s Environments and Health Signature Initiative and provide a wonderful example of interdisciplinary, applied public health work funded by IPPH. Canadian researchers have demonstrated their excellence in this area; IPPH will continue to invest to maintain that research momentum.

Congratulations again to the nine team leaders and the more than 200 researchers, partners and organizations from across Canada who are part of these projects! We will be profiling the work of these teams over the next few weeks and we invite you to learn more about them through our IPPH website. Please stay tuned!


Steven J. Hoffman JD PhD LLD
Scientific Director, CIHR Institute of Population & Public Health
Director, Global Strategy Lab, and
Associate Professor of Law, University of Ottawa

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