Inflammation in Chronic Disease Networking Workshop

On February 2-3, 2017, researchers funded through the Inflammation in Chronic Disease Signature Initiative met in Quebec City, Quebec. Participants included International Advisors, funding partners, researchers, trainees, patients, and CIHR staff. This was the second of such networking meetings for these participants, the first having taken place February 12-13, 2015 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The objectives for this workshop were as follows:

Workshop Objectives

  1. To facilitate the sharing of progress and lessons learned within the three components of the Inflammation in Chronic Disease (ICD) initiative, and to engage with peers, partners and international experts to discuss opportunities for increased research impact through potential collaboration and linkages.
  2. To position and support ICD funders and ICD-funded researchers to meet objectives for knowledge translation and mobilization.
  3. To examine and discuss the extent to which research funded through the ICD signature initiative aligns with international inflammation research activities and trends and to explore with researchers, partners and CIHR how Canada is positioned for future research or translational activities and opportunities.
  4. To offer meaningful learning and networking opportunities for trainees supported by the ICD initiative.

To achieve these objectives, the workshop agenda was divided over a day-and-a-half, with the first day focusing on trainee elevator pitches and poster presentations, patient and industry engagement in research, and sex and gender integration. The second day included a discussion about international trends in inflammation research followed by knowledge translation presentations and discussions. Three International Advisors, Dr. Peter Ernst, Sir Marc Feldmann and Dr. John O’Shea, attended the workshop to provide strategic advice and expertise in the area of inflammation, and to provide a perspective on how the results and progress made by the research teams interface with the international community. Individual research teams were provided with an opportunity to meet with the three advisors and discuss their projects.

Please contact ICD Major Initiatives team if you would like to request a full copy of the Inflammation in Chronic Disease Networking Workshop report.

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