Clarifying Project Grant application format

August 25, 2017

We have received a number of questions about the 10-page application format and how it relates to additional attachments. We would like to offer clarification below.

As outlined in the application instructions, the 10-page application (aka "research proposal") must include all crucial information, including figures, that a reviewer would need to read in order to assess your application based on the program criteria. More specifically:

The research proposal should stand alone (i.e. it must contain all the information required to support your research plan) and must contain a complete description of your project. Reviewers are under no obligation to read other supplementary application materials that you may attach, such as appendices (see Task 7).

The research proposal may be comprised of text, tables, charts, figures and photographs, as required, and should be attached as a PDF document, with a maximum of 10 pages (including figures and tables).

As the Project Grant competition evolves, we are trying to find a balance between reviewer workload and applicant burden. Applicant and reviewer feedback from the first two Project Grant competitions indicated mixed feelings about the application lengths and the previous restrictions on attachments, and we have taken this feedback into consideration in determining the application format for this competition.

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