GENESIS-PRAXY Questionnaire

The GENESIS-PRAXY questionnaire includes gender-related measures encompassing gender roles, relations and identity.  Answers to these questions can be used to construct a composite gender score based within the particular time, place and culture of the study participants. This score can then be used to assess the effect of gender in various health domains.

This questionnaire was developed for the GENESIS-PRAXY study, a large observational study which documents potential differences between men and women in presentation, access to care and outcomes after the premature occurrence of acute coronary syndrome and investigates the potential biological, clinical, psychosocial and environmental determinants of these differences.


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Contact Dr. Louise Pilote for more information about GENESIS-PRAXY or to use this questionnaire in your own study.

Louise Pilote, MD MPH PhD, Professor of Medicine, James McGill Chair
McGill University

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