Distinguished Lecturer Award Series

Recognizing outstanding researchers within the Institute of Circulatory and Respiratory Health (ICRH) scientific research community

The objective of the Distinguished Lecturer Award (DLA) Series is to honour outstanding investigators from each ICRH mandate area, annually, who have contributed significantly to the advancement of science in their field of research both in Canada and internationally.  In collaboration with various institute partners, the DLA series seeks to:

  • Recognize distinguished members of the ICRH scientific research community;
  • Facilitate knowledge translation and connect through keynote lectureships at national conferences;
  • Engage with the ICRH scientific community in each mandate area of the Institute to celebrate and recognize research excellence.

This award recognizes research conducted in any of the four CIHR research themes areas: Biomedical; Clinical; Health Systems and Services; and, Social, Cultural, Environmental and Population Health. Nominations are solicited from the scientific community across Canada and assessed by an award selection committee according to the following criteria:

  • Impact of the nominee’s research on a specific ICRH mandate area field of science in Canada and internationally, and the extent to which the nominee has contributed significantly to the advancement of science within that particular field over the last ten years;
  • Relevance/application/impact of the nominee’s research to a clinical setting; and
  • Demonstrated strength and reputation of the nominee in a specific mandate area field of science in Canada and internationally.

Discussions for collaboration are currently underway with partner organizations for the inaugural DLA series competition launches in the following areas:

Stroke Sciences
Sleep Sciences
Blood Sciences

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