2017 Peer Review Committee – Operating Grant: CCHS – Nutrition Analysis (NAS-201701)


Booth, Gillian L.
St. Michael's Hospital (Toronto, ON)

Scientific Officer:

Duncan, Alison M.
University of Guelph


Bell, Rhonda C.
University of Alberta

Bush, Mary
Ottawa, ON

Dodd, Kevin W.
National Cancer Institute (Maryland, US)

Freeland-Graves, Jeanne
University of Texas at Austin

Gray-Donald, Katherine A.
McGill University

Hux, Janet E.
Canadian Diabetes Association (Toronto, ON)

Lee, Nora S.
Health Canada (Ottawa, ON)

Lennox, Alison M.
Surrey University (England, UK)

Randall-Simpson, Janis A.
University of Guelph

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