Application data from CIHR’s investigator initiated competitions now available

April 26, 2017

Members of Canada’s health research community have expressed interest in obtaining data derived from CIHR’s competition processes to conduct analyses around a variety of important issues (e.g., the balance of funding across career stage and gender).

To help researchers carry out such analyses, CIHR funding information from a number of competitions is now available in the form of a Public-Use Microdata File. The file contains anonymized, non-aggregated data, which can be used to manipulate variables to conduct analyses. It is important to note that the number of fields is limited in order to preserve the confidentiality of applicantsFootnote 1. Information from additional competitions will be available over the coming months.

Competitions currently included:

  • Open Operating Grant Program (2012- 2015)
  • Foundation Grant Program (2014- 2016)
  • Project Grant Program (2016)

Fields included in the microdata file:

  • Competition code
  • Sex of applicant
  • Primary theme (Biomedical; Clinical; Health Systems/Services; Social/Cultural/Environmental/Population Health; Not Applicable/Specified)
  • Application status (Grant Awarded, Non-Funded Application, Withdrawn)
  • Requested number of years for funding
  • Requested amount per year

Access the application data from CIHR’s Open grant competitions: 2012-2016

Other sources of CIHR funding data available

The microdata file is only one source of data available about CIHR’s competition processes. Other sources of data and analyses include:

  • Funded Research Database: This database includes information on the applicant’s funded project, including the title, abstract, project keywords, host institution, team members and budget allocated. Access the database
  • Gender equity data analyses: CIHR is conducting extensive analyses of the results of all of our funding programs as part of our effort to uncover potential sources of bias and other barriers to equitable access to CIHR funds. The first such analyses focus on gender equity in CIHR funding. Access the analyses
  • Program specific analyses: Data and analyses related to specific programs can be found on program Web pages. For example, data related to career stages, geographic distribution and gender of applicants (successful and unsuccessful) are available on the Project Grant and Foundation Grant programs Web pages.
  • Contact Centre: Staff can provide or guide interested individuals to other available analyses or data. Contact us.

Next steps

CIHR wants to hear from the community on how to enhance data sharing about competition processes. To that end, CIHR will organize a meeting with members of the community interested in this topic on June 20, 2017 in Ottawa. The meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss how best to share microdata moving forward, the details that should be included, and the safeguards that should be in place to secure the confidentiality of applicants. It will also provide the opportunity to explore other potential avenues to share funding decision data or carry out important analysis, such as formal research partnerships or special studies conducted at the request of community members.

If you are interested in attending, please send your name to before May 10, 2017. We will be in touch with interested individuals to confirm attendance. If there are more applicants than CIHR can host, a selection will made with the aim of balancing career stage, gender, regional representation, etc.

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