2016 Peer Review Committee - Catalyst Grant: Catalyzing Innovation in Preterm Birth Research (CIP-201610)


Giguère, Yves
Université Laval

Scientific Officer:

Riley, Patricia
McGill University Health Centre


Blackwell, Sean
University of Texas

Claure, Nelson
University of Miami

Halliday, Henry
Queen's University Belfast

Hasan, Shabih
University of Calgary

Jacobsson, Bo
Sahlgrenska University

Joseph, K.S.
University of British Columbia

Leduc, Line
Université de Montréal

Murphy, Kellie
Sinai Health System (Toronto, ON)

Perreault, Thérèse
McGill University

Quigley, Maria
University of Oxford

Thorp, John
North Carolina State University

Tribe, Rachel
King's College London (England, UK)

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