Standing Committee on Ethics (SCE) meeting highlights: October 13-14, 2016

Ethics Performance Measurement Annual Report 2015-2016

  • The SCE endorsed CIHR's first annual report framed by the Ethics Action Plan, detailing the results of CIHR performance in ethics, using indicators and metrics set out in the Ethics Performance Measurement Strategy.
  • The SCE formulated key messages for broad and targeted dissemination of the report: publication of the report is a demonstration of CIHR's commitment to transparency; the report provides a baseline against which to measure improvements over time; and the external community is invited to suggest ways to improve CIHR's performance and its reporting.
  • The SCE congratulated the Ethics Office and CIHR for the report.

CIHR Partnership Benefit-Risk Framework

  • The SCE was supportive of CIHR's principle-based approach to partnerships, and will provide advice to enhance ethics considerations in the Benefit-Risk Framework.

Sex and Gender Considerations in Peer Review- Action Plan

  • The SCE was supportive of CIHR's Action Plan to ensure sex and gender based analysis (SGBA) considerations are integrated into CIHR-funded research through the training of applicants and peer reviewers, and reporting requirements for grant recipients.
  • The SCE recommended that Chairs of peer review committees complete the core training modules on the integration on sex and gender in research, relevant to the cluster they chair; and for CIHR to use feedback from the Chairs to inform discussions about the modules and their broader application.

Communication and Engagement

  • A representative of the Canadian Bioethics Society (CBS) was invited to attend the first part of the SCE meeting, and presented key elements of the CBS draft strategic plan for discussion.  The SCE and CBS aim to explore further opportunities for an open and collaborative relationship.

Terms of Reference

  • The SCE undertook a review of its own Terms of Reference, as required every two years. The SCE confirmed that their mandate, roles and responsibilities continue to be appropriate. The Membership section will be amended to reflect the new Institute Advisory Board (IAB) structure, with the aim of having two ethics experts from IABs sitting as voting members of the SCE.
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