New Funding Opportunity – Catalyst Grant: Work Stress and Wellbeing Hackathon

The Catalyst Grant: Work Stress and Wellbeing Hackathon is part of the Healthy and Productive Work initiative, and is now available online.

Work stress and mental health are pressing challenges for much of the Canadian workforce. Nearly 40% of long-term disability claims in Canada are related to psychological health. The changing demographics of the Canadian workforce mean that we require new and innovative ways to foster and support a healthy and productive workforce now and in the future.

The widespread use of smartphones and the Internet offer an opportunity to leverage technology to support mental health and stress reduction through apps that will help people access tools and support. While e-Mental health applications do exist, there is a need to develop more evidence-based approaches that have the potential to improve the psychological health of Canadians, leading to a healthier and more productive workforce.

Innovation is often sparked when we look at a problem from a new angle. One of the best ways to encourage this ingenuity is to involve people with different perspectives in the development process – which is exactly what CIHR is aiming to do with the Catalyst Grant: Work Stress and Wellbeing Hackathon.

The goal of this funding opportunity is to develop innovative, evidence-informed, gender-responsive and culturally-appropriate e-Mental health solutions that foster the labour force participation of women, men and gender-diverse people at risk of or struggling with workplace stress or mental health injuries. The ‘Hackathon’ is a three-day collaborative, solutions-focused event that will bring together researchers, knowledge users, worker and workplace representatives, and a variety of other potential collaborators with a range of experience and expertise. The event is part of a one-year grant that will allow for the continued work of collaborations formed at the Hackathon. While Hackathon events have a reputation for being high-stress, every effort will be made to make this a healthy and stress-free version of a Hackathon.

Please visit the Healthy and Productive Work initiative web site for more information on this Initiative.

For details on the Catalyst Grant: Work Stress and Wellbeing Hackathon please see the funding opportunity which is now available online.

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