Standing Committee on Ethics (SCE) Meeting Highlights: March 3‑4, 2016

  • Performance Measurement Strategy
    The SCE agreed upon an approach to defining the scope of data collection for CIHR’s investments in ethics, including operational definitions of “ethics-related” grants and awards, as part of the Ethics Performance Measurement Strategy.
  • Human Gene Editing
    The SCE discussed the current international debates on human gene editing, the evolving science (including the CRISPR/CAS 9 editing technique), and anticipated ethical and regulatory questions. A potential role for CIHR on this issue is being explored by the SCE.
  • CIHR Health-related and Health Research Data Framework
    The SCE provided feedback on the proposed objectives and actions of the CIHR’s Health-related and Health Research Data Framework to ensure that ethical considerations are well integrated.
  • Disruptive Technologies
    The SCE endorsed an action plan, focused on policy, education and outreach, to address the potential innovation and impacts of Disruptive Technologies, and the biosafety and biosecurity concerns raised by Dual Use Research of Concern (DURC).
  • Crowdfunding
    The SCE was presented with strategic recommendations on the use of crowdfunding within CIHR’s purview. The SCE endorsed CIHR’s action plan to address the ethical aspects of crowdfunding mainly through CIHR’s broad partnership activities, while recognizing CIHR’s limited role.
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