Project Grant peer review process: End of Stage 1

June 24th, 2016

Peer review for CIHR’s first Project Grant competition is moving to the next stage.

In Stage 1, reviewers were asked to assess a project’s concept and feasibility – first through the submission of a preliminary review and then through the submission of their final comments, ratings, and ranked lists. CIHR would like to sincerely thank the reviewers who participated in this process for their thoughtful comments and diligence. We would also like to thank the dedicated Virtual Chairs who spent many hours engaging reviewers in online discussions and providing feedback to CIHR staff. All of the peer reviewers and Virtual Chairs are volunteers, and their willingness to lend their time and expertise to the granting process is a testament to how much they care about Canadian science.

The Final Assessment Stage of the review process involves a face-to-face committee meeting to discuss "grey zone" applications, with particular emphasis on applications with large variances in independent reviewer rankings. This stage will integrate the results of Stage 1, as consolidated ranking and standard deviation will be factored into CIHR’s analyses to determine which applications need to be discussed. Scientists who have served as Virtual Chairs for the online process will also be members of this single face-to-face committee for increased continuity between the two stages of the review.

This committee will meet at the beginning of July, so we look forward to sharing additional information with you in the near future.

Please visit the CIHR website for further information about the Project Grant competition, or contact:

CIHR Contact Centre
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