Internal reforms implementation project reviews

May 2016

In 2015, CIHR commissioned various reviews of different aspects of the reforms implementation project. These were initiated by CIHR management to assess CIHR's internal systems and processes for the implementation of the reforms, and to allow for adjustments in a timely manner on projects of this complexity. CIHR's Governing Council was informed on an ongoing basis of the Reforms project. The following three reports were presented to and accepted by CIHR's Audit Committee, and in the spirit of transparency, are now available upon request.

The Internal Audit Consulting Engagement Report looked at lessons learned from the Reforms Implementation Project. It was completed by the CIHR Internal Audit Group. The report focused on governance and administrative practices linked to the project management and internal reorganization in order to deliver the new Foundation and Project Grant programs. The report found that the reforms implementation project benefited from well-developed planning tools and that the pilots were rolled out on time. The report also found opportunities for improvement in the areas of information-sharing, communications, reporting, project planning, and stakeholder engagement, all of which are being addressed by CIHR.

The Reforms CRM Project Independent Third Party Review by Interis Consulting was specifically designed to assess the implementation of the business systems required to support the new program delivery processes. CIHR sought expert advice to provide recommendations concerning implementing complex, transformative business systems; opportunities for improvements included clarifying roles and responsibilities as well as project schedules and scope. CIHR is currently taking steps to implement the report's recommendations such as establishing new governance committees to monitor scope and timelines for the projects.

The CIHR Management Response addresses the recommendations in both reports. These two reviews allowed management to receive feedback as the new managerial and business systems were being implemented which allowed for course corrections. CIHR is well on its way toward implementing the reports' recommendations and is undertaking the necessary steps to address project management challenges.

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