Message to IAB Applicants

Dear IAB Candidate,

On behalf of the Nominating and Governance Committee (N&GC) of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) we would like to thank you for submitting your application to become a member of one of the new Institutes Advisory Boards (IABs) at CIHR. We are grateful for your willingness to bring your expertise and leadership to CIHR as we embark on an important new phase in CIHR’s mandate, to capture innovation to produce better health and health care for Canadians; promote excellence, creativity and breadth in health research and knowledge translation; mobilize health research for transformation and impact; and achieve organizational excellence.

The Governing Council is very excited about the potential for the new IABs to bring important expertise, experience and strategic advice to CIHR that will be required to enhance and strengthen the impact of Canadian Research in Canada and worldwide.

We are delighted with the impressive and diverse response from the health community (over 450 applications received) to support the launch and implementation of the new IABs. In the coming weeks, the N&GC will be vigilantly reviewing all applications for strategic fit with the mandate of each of the new IABs. Your application will be reviewed and carefully considered for a role on one of the IABs. We sincerely look forward to reviewing each of the highly skilled individuals who have so generously volunteered to guide CIHR’s important work.

We anticipate that decisions on the nominations for positions on the IABs will be completed for approval by Governing Council at its June meeting. We will be keeping you informed of these decisions in due time.

Thank you for your application. We greatly appreciate your commitment to research excellence in Canada and your active engagement in, and support for, this process to establish the new IABs in the coming months.


Alain Beaudet
President, CIHR

Lori Turik
Chair, Nominating and Governance Committee

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