Post GC update from the President

December 11, 2015

At its November 17, 2015 meeting, CIHR's Governing Council (GC) approved both the Terms of Reference and the proposed Membership Process of the new Institutes Advisory Boards (IABs) model. It also approved the CIHR Institute Evaluation Framework.

The new Institutes Advisory Boards (IABs) model

Comprised of five (5) horizontal boards serving all 13 Institutes, this new advisory model will boost collaboration across Institutes and within our multitude of stakeholder communities by bringing together a wide range of perspectives within each IAB. The five (5) new IABs are:

  • IAB on Research Excellence, Policy and Ethics
  • IAB on Health Innovation
  • IAB on Indigenous Peoples' Health
  • IAB on Health Promotion and Prevention
  • IAB on Chronic Conditions

Today, December 11, 2015, CIHR is launching a recruitment campaign to fill up to 75 positions within the five new IABs. An open nominations process is the most appropriate and transparent way to attract the ideal mix of expertise for the new IABs. CIHR is committed to ensuring the applicant nomination pool is inclusive and diverse enough to ensure capacity for independent, expert and relevant advice enriched by the perspectives from a wide range of stakeholders. To that end, employees and partner-agencies are encouraged to disseminate this recruitment campaign to their respective networks. CIHR is also asking that Scientific Directors play an active role in surfacing nominations across a wide array of communities. In addition, CIHR will also seek advice from Canada's Indigenous communities to ensure their input in each IAB.

Stakeholders spanning the full spectrum of health research are encouraged to apply. For more on the IAB nomination process and the Terms of Reference, please consult the CIHR website's updated IAB section.

Governing Council's Nominating and Governance Committee will review all applications received by the deadline and put forward recommendations for the approval of Governing Council at its February 24, 2016 meeting.

An orientation of IAB members, and first meeting of each of the new IABs are anticipated for May-June 2016. In the interim, IABs will continue operating under their current mandate (through April 30, 2016).

About the Institute Evaluation Framework

At the November 17, 2015 meeting, Council approved CIHR's Institute Evaluation Framework. This was one of the directions set from the 2013-14 Institutes Model Review.  

The development of this framework will serve to enhance and formalize the ongoing assessment of the relevance and performance of all CIHR Institutes. This evaluation is an essential evidence-led mechanism through which CIHR can demonstrate accountability while managing for results.

CIHR is intent on continuing to build on past successes while mobilizing and driving innovation in health research. We are fostering interdisciplinary, integrative research approaches in Institute mandate areas. Together, we will continue to shape a healthier Canada.

Alain Beaudet, MD, PhD
President of CIHR
On behalf of Governing Council

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