Project Grant – Summary of Research Proposal

CIHR has heard concerns regarding the requirement for the Project Grant summary of research proposal to remain unchanged between registration and application. After having considered the feedback received, CIHR has made the decision to allow changes to the research summary at the application stage.

The summary submitted at registration will be the key source of information used to match prospective applications to peer review expertise. Given the anticipated high volume of applications to the Project Grant competition, applicants are asked to ensure that the summary submitted at registration captures the elements necessary for reviewers to determine their ability to review the application. This is necessary to allow us to secure the most appropriate expertise for high quality review of all applications within the competition timelines. Should a high level of reviewer re-assignment occur at the application stage due to gaps or significantly changed summaries, competition timelines will be delayed.

Please visit the CIHR website for more information about the Project Grant competition. If you have any questions about this pilot competition, contact

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