Update on Stage 2 of the 2015 Foundation live pilot competition

December 3, 2015

We are currently finalizing changes to Stage 2 of the 2015 Foundation live pilot competition based on the results of the 2014 Foundation live pilot. The updated supporting materials will be available on CIHR's website in advance of the Stage 2 application opening in ResearchNet in mid-December, 2015. The updates to Stage 2 include:

  • Revisions to the Stage 2 Foundation Interpretation Guidelines to improve clarity and further define the intent of each adjudication criterion.
  • Revisions to the budget process, which include:
    • An increase in the length of the budget justification section to 1 page (increased by ½ page);
    • Clearer instructions and training materials for both applicants and reviewers;
    • Applicant baseline amounts at Stage 2.
  • An increase in the length of the Research Approach section to 3 pages (increased by 1 page).
  • Adjustments to the weighting of the sub-criteria, as follows:
    • Research Concept: 25% (increased 5%);
    • Research Approach: 25% (increased 5%);
    • Expertise: 20% (no change);
    • Mentorship and Training: 20% (no change);
    • Quality of Support Environment: 10% (decreased 10%).

Please visit the CIHR website for more information about the Foundation Grant competition. If you have any questions about this pilot competition, contact support@cihr-irsc.gc.ca.

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