PubMed Central Canada overview

A national repository of published, peer-reviewed health and life sciences research

Co-funded by CIHR and the NRC National Science Library

Free for CIHR-funded researchers to deposit articles.

Free for everyone to download articles.

Bilingual website, search engine and helpdesk.

Why Should I use PubMed Central Canada?


  • Mechanism to comply with the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications.
  • Exposure to a large international and diverse audience.
  • Increased uptake and impact of your research results.


  • One-stop shop for free access to over 2.6M peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Evidence to inform policy, practice and future research.

Since its creation in 2009:

3,029 CIHR submissions

3,429,385 single visitors


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research in partnership with the National Research Council and the National Library of Medicine.

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Source: PMC Canada, September 2015.

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