Repurposing Research in Rare Diseases Pre‑Announced on November 9

The “Repurposing Research in Rare Diseases” program, sponsored by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and Cures Within Reach (CWR), with the additional contribution of the MindSet Foundation and Mitacs, was pre-announced on November 9. This international program will involve multiple clinical sites located both in Canada and the United States of America and offer researchers the opportunity to develop projects that translate rare disease research into therapeutic approaches that are aligned to real unmet healthcare needs. CWR and CIHR will fund research projects with well-defined near-term applications deemed to significantly impact the rare disease research landscape.

This program will build upon the extensive initiatives and multiple rare disease projects funded as part of the CIHR Personalized Medicine Signature Initiative. “Repurposing Research in Rare Diseases” plays a role in CWR’s 100 Projects 100 Days Challenge which is a call for researchers and clinicians to share new projects and ideas to prove to the world that repurposing existing drugs for health care needs is a critical piece of the healthcare puzzle.

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