Standing Committee on Ethics (SCE) Meeting Highlights: May 13-14, 2015

Implementation of the Ethics Action Plan

The SCE discussed two key actions within the Ethics Action Plan:

  1. Performance measurement
    The SCE was supportive of a Logic Model to underpin the drafting of an ethics performance measurement strategy.
  2. Communications
    The SCE approved the vision, objectives and key audience for an ethics communications strategy.

Issues raised by the SCE and Science Council

The SCE continued its work on issues previously submitted to the committee for advice, including:

  • CIHR’s involvement in the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) as an Organizational Member:  the SCE provided advice to CIHR on two draft GA4GH policies that are currently open for public consultation, a draft Consent Policy, and a draft Privacy and Security Policy.
  • Ethics of Innovative Clinical Trials: the CIHR Ethics Advisory Committee on Innovative Clinical Trials reported to the SCE on its preparatory work to commission a white paper on ethics issues in non-traditional clinical trial methodologies.

The SCE agreed to consider two new issues that were formally submitted to the committee for advice:

  • Ethics of “dual use” disruptive technologies in the life sciences, and
  • New electronic modalities of consent.
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