Spring 2015 Peer Review Committee – Health Policy & Systems Management Research (HPM)


Levy, Adrian R
Dalhousie University

Scientific Officer:

Lingard, Lorelei A
University of Western Ontario


Astrakianakis, George
University of British Columbia

Kephart, George
Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia)

Laporte, Audrey
University of Toronto

Marck, Patricia B
University of British Columbia

Marshall, Deborah A
University of Calgary

Menon, Devidas
University of Alberta

Sander, Beate H
Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (Toronto)

Sweetman, Lennox A
McMaster University

Thurston, Wilfreda E
University of Calgary

Touati, Nassera
École nationale d'administration publique (Québec)

Witt, Julia C
University of Manitoba

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