2011-2012 DSEN Meetings

October 19, 2012

DSEN held the 3rd event of the series on October 19, 2012 in Ottawa. The meeting was attended by 56 participants.

The specific objectives of this meeting were:

  • To provide network-wide interaction between DSEN funded researchers and decision makers
  • To provide an occasion for discussion on Knowledge Translation (KT) approaches
  • To inform Network members of barriers and facilitators to integrated KT and KT Funding Opportunities
  • To support a culture of knowledge translation within the DSEN program

Robert Peterson, DSEN Executive Director, welcomed the participants and gave a brief update on DSEN's integrated Knowledge Translation activities, after which the DSEN funded teams each gave a short progress report.

Sharon Straus introduced the break-out session. Attendees were divided in five groups, each comprised of researchers and decision-makers. Each group was given a tool/strategy for discussion, and provided with related questions and a reporting template. The following KT tools/strategies were examined each by one of the five groups:

  • Decision Makers Modules (Group 1)
  • Research Report Templates (Group 2)
  • Network Website (Group 3)
  • Dissemination Strategies (Group 4)
  • KT Capacity Building (Group 5)

Following the break-out session, each group reported its findings and suggestions which were summarized by a panel discussion. It was recognized that DSEN would benefit from standardized approaches and frameworks related to KT.

Report of the 3rd network meeting

April 10, 2012

  • The Drug Safety Effectiveness Network (DSEN) Coordinating Office launches the Framework for the management of DSEN Queries

March 23, 2012

DSEN held the 2nd network meeting on March 23, 2012 in Ottawa to bring decision makers, DSEN-funded researchers, and trainees together to gain common understanding and to enhance Network functioning.

The main objectives of this meeting were:

  • to provide network-wide interaction between DSEN funded researchers and decision makers
  • to present and integrate expectations with results
  • to present and discuss the Query submission process
  • to help gain greater understanding of Network research capacity and how this can address DSEN Queries using available methodologies
  • to support trainees and provide them with exposure to the DSEN community
  • to update participants on recent developments and upcoming plans and activities including DSEN accountability under performance measurement criteria
  • to support a culture of reporting within the DSEN program

51 participants attended the second network meeting. After the welcome and introductions, Robert Peterson, DSEN Executive Director gave a brief overview of DSEN and its organizational structure.

The morning session was dedicated to progress report presentations by research teams funded by DSEN. In the afternoon, a panel composed of DSEN researchers, and provincial and federal decision makers discussed their mutual expectations.

Following the panel discussion and question session, DSEN staff gave updates on CIHR and DSEN programs.

Report of the 2nd Network meeting

October 28, 2011

The DSEN Coordinating Office held the first network meeting in Ottawa on October 28, 2012.

The morning session was focused on team introductions and the development of a common vision for DSEN, including clarifications on network operations.

In the afternoon, discussions were held around national education and training needs in the field of Drug Safety and Effectiveness to work towards the identification of priorities for a National Curriculum for post market drug safety and effectiveness training and the establishment of a working group to carry this forward.

Report of the 1st Network Meeting

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