System error – Release of Transitional Open Operating Grants Program results ahead of schedule

(2015-07-14) Applicants to the Transitional Open Operating Grants Program competition received access to their notices of decision if they logged on to ResearchNet on Monday July 13. This upload happened two days ahead of schedule, due to a system error. We would like to reassure everyone that all the information posted on ResearchNet is accurate although further details normally provided through the full competition notification process are still to follow (e.g. decision letters, letters concerning any specific application questions or issues).

As planned, CIHR will release all documents related to the results of the Transitional Open Operating Grants Program on July 15. Additional contextual information, including details about overall levels of funding which aim to maintain a balance between providing sufficient funds to enable individual researchers to be internationally competitive, while providing adequate support to maintain Canadian capacity in health research will be shared through this distribution list, and via our website, as usual.

Results for the 2014 Foundation live pilot competition scheme will also be released on July 15.

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