2015 Peer Review Committee - Knowledge Synthesis Grant (KRS-201411 StageMcMaster University)


Cave, Andrew James
University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)

Scientific Officer:

Cook, Heather
Interior Health Authority (Kelowna, BC)


Bennett, Kathryn
McMaster University

Brussoni, Mariana Jose
University of British Columbia

De Coster, Carolyn A
University of Manitoba

George, Anne M
University of British Columbia

Henderson, Joanna Lyn
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (Toronto, ON)

Hutchinson, Hasan Ted
Health Canada (Ottawa, ON)

Kovacs Burns, Katharina Antoina
University of Alberta

Kristjansson, Elizabeth A.
University of Ottawa

Lund, Carrielynn
Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network (Vancouver, BC)

Metge, Colleen J
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (MB)

Moher, David
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (Ottawa, ON)

Rochon, Paula A
Women’s College Hospital (Toronto, ON)

Shrier, Ian
Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (Montreal, QC)

Tremblay, Jacques
Douglas Hospital Research Centre (Montreal, QC)

Villeneuve, Alain O
Université de Sherbrooke

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