Video Transcript – CIHR-IMHA Strategic Plan 2014 - 2018: Enhancing Musculoskeletal, Skin and Oral Health

Mobility… Independence… Quality of Life… Good Health…

We take these for granted when we have them, but what happens when we don’t?

The CIHR Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis supports research on joints, bones, muscles, skin and teeth.

Illnesses like arthritis, osteoporosis, chronic pain, and injuries from sports or falls can stop us in our tracks, while skin diseases, burns, tooth decay, and gum disease can lead to complications affecting our overall health.

As well, people with dementia, diabetes and cancer develop musculoskeletal, skin and oral health problems which can further complicate chronic conditions.

With chronic diseases like these, there’s not always a cure. And we know they cost us a lot of money each year.

Right now, millions of Canadians live with:

  • oral health disease (19,000 children have dental surgery per year)
  • chronic skin disease (1,000,000 with chronic skin conditions)
  • arthritis (4,600,000 with arthritis), and
  • musculoskeletal problems (11,000,000 over age 12 with musculoskeletal problems each year)

These numbers are only increasing.

IMHA is taking the lead as the single largest funder of these health research areas, and as such is improving the lives of Canadians.

We’re doing this by bringing people from very different perspectives and backgrounds together to talk, share ideas, and learn from each other.

We encourage innovation through collaboration and actively ensure that researchers’ hard work is used to help change the way we treat, prevent, and manage disease.

Successful research we’ve supported so far has found better ways to restore injured joints, identify risk factors for certain forms of inflammatory disease like rheumatoid arthritis, better diagnose rare skin disorders, and improve the overall quality of life for vulnerable populations through improved dental care.

But many other conditions affecting our joints, muscles, bones, skin, and teeth, are still not well understood. More research is needed to improve the lives of millions of Canadians.

To continue moving forward successfully, IMHA has identified three priority research areas still in need of support:

  • Chronic Pain and Fatigue;
  • Inflammation and how it damages tissues; and
  • how impaired Mobility causes disability and affects our health.

At IMHA, we want to ensure all Canadians can enjoy mobility, independence, quality of life, and good health.

IMHA: Putting Science in Motion…

Enhancing Musculoskeletal, Skin and Oral Health

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