Update from the President: Restructuring of Institute Advisory Boards

At its June 25, 2015 meeting, CIHR’s Governing Council approved a new model for the restructuring of Institute Advisory Boards (IABs), one of the directions set from the 2013-14 Institutes Model Review.

The new model — comprising fewer boards to enhance collaboration and transversal thinking across Institutes and their stakeholder communities — adheres to Governing Council’s vision of an advisory model that can provide all 13 Institutes with a wider scope of expertise, better identify opportunities for collaboration and enhance coherence across CIHR’s many initiatives, while also complementing other existing CIHR advisory mechanisms.

The new model of IABs will be aligned with the Strategic Directions and Research Priorities expressed in CIHR’s new five-year strategic plan, Health Research Roadmap II. The new model will see the wind-down of the 13 existing Institute-specific IABs and the launch of 5 new horizontal IABs:  

  • Research Excellence and Creativity
  • Patient-centered Health Innovation
  • Aboriginal Peoples’ Health
  • Health Promotion and Prevention
  • Chronic Conditions.

The 5 IABs will serve all 13 Institutes.

The development of this model was informed by a Working Group composed of members of CIHR’s Executive Management team, three Scientific Directors and six current IAB Chairs. In the coming months, the Working Group will continue its discussions with a focus on the implementation of the new model by the spring of 2016. Existing Institute IABs will continue under their current mandate through April 30, 2016.

CIHR is fortunate to benefit from committed, insightful and passionate people willing to volunteer their time to help guide our work. The new IAB model will not only allow us to maintain this vitally important function, but will also further strengthen it and thus enable us to better design innovative, cross-disciplinary, and impactful research initiatives for the benefit of all Canadians.

Alain Beaudet, MD, PhD
President of CIHR
On behalf of Governing Council

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