PubMed Central Canada now online

(2015-05-28) PubMed Central Canada (PMC Canada) is back online. This system was taken offline as a precautionary measure after the National Research Council, the main service provider of PMC Canada, experienced a cyber-intrusion.

PMC Canada is a national web-based repository of health sciences literature. CIHR partnered with the National Research Council’s National Science Library in the creation of PMC Canada to develop a stable, permanent, and freely accessible digital archive of the full text of peer-reviewed research publications arising from research funded by CIHR.

Account holders are encouraged to continue submitting their CIHR-funded research through PMC Canada’s manuscript submission system. Please note that you may experience some delays submitting manuscripts as PMC Canada deals with a backlog of requests. Should you have any questions, please contact PMC Canada’s helpdesk at

Thank you for your patience.

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