Update from the President: Roadmap Accelerator Fund

Over the past few months, CIHR representatives have had the chance to discuss the proposed changes to CIHR's Institutes and the reforms of CIHR’s open programs with many of you as part of our cross-country tour of universities and research institutions.

We appreciate this opportunity to share our vision for CIHR’s future and to hear the insightful questions and thoughtful feedback of the health research community.

During our visits and by email, many people have asked about the CIHR common research fund, now referred to as the Roadmap Accelerator Fund. We would like to clarify that the fund is not a funding opportunity, but rather refers to a new approach to allocate internal budgets: half of CIHR Institutes’ research budget ($55.9M per year out of $111.8M per year) will be invested in the Roadmap Accelerator Fund to support multi-Institute and multidisciplinary initiatives aligned with the priorities set out in CIHR’s new five-year strategic plan, Health Research Roadmap II.

Decisions about how and where to invest these funds will be made collectively by the members of Science Council, and resulting funding opportunities will continue to be posted on CIHR’s website as per established practices.

The remaining half ($4.3M per year for each Institute or $55.9M per year in total) of the Institutes’ research budget will continue to reside within the Institutes. While Institutes are encouraged to continue partnering to maximize the impact of these investments, it remains at  their individual discretion to direct these funds towards Institute-specific initiatives and funding opportunities. As previously stated, there is no reduction in the total amount of funding available to Canadian health researchers.

We remain committed to keeping Canadian researchers informed of our progress throughout this period of change. I encourage anyone interested in our efforts to visit our website, which contains regularly updated information, and to follow our Twitter channel.

Dr. Alain Beaudet, MD, PhD
President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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