A Plan for a Healthier Canada - A Roadmap to Success

Investing in Canada’s future through health research

Canada’s future depends on the well-being of its people.

This is why the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) was created: to improve the health of Canadians, from childhood to old age, every step of the way.

Through the intensive work of 13 Institutes and more than 13,700 researchers and research trainees, new knowledge, new technologies and new partnerships were created. They advanced our understanding of human health and disease. They also enhanced our capacity to provide accessible, affordable and reliable health care services.

CIHR-funded research discoveries have resulted in health treatments, products and services that are improving our quality of life and producing economic benefits for our country.

Clearly, CIHR is a key driver of innovation and growth.

But the landscape is changing, and it is changing quickly.

Turning challenges into opportunities

Our population is aging, chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent, and the way in which we provide health care services is changing. In 2014 alone, Canada has spent $215 billion on health care. Disease and aging are also placing a serious burden on caregivers and Canadian families.

In addition, long-lasting inequalities in health status between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Canada require innovative, evidence-informed solutions tailored to the specific needs of Aboriginal communities across the country, whether they live in remote, rural or urban areas.

Expectations are also rising. More than ever, Canadians want to enjoy the benefits of discoveries and to have access to the right treatment at the right time. They also want to manage their health and be actively involved in the search for solutions.

More and more, researchers are working at the crossroads of many disciplines and are called to partner with different groups, people and sectors, in Canada and abroad, to address the growing complexity of today’s health challenges.


We will improve the way we provide support to world-class researchers in their pursuit for cutting-edge ideas and approaches.

We will also support the training of the next generation of researchers in order to build a diverse, highly-qualified workforce.


Working with partners, we will invest in targeted initiatives and activities that can lead to exciting research findings in four priority areas:

4 Research Priorities


We will demonstrate the value and impact of our investments, we will engage Canadians, and we will ensure they are at the centre of our decisions.

For more information on CIHR’s Strategic Plan, please go to Five year strategic plan: Roadmap.

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