Integration of legacy open programs

(2015-02-12) The implementation of CIHR’s new Open Suite of Programs and peer review processes includes a transition plan to gradually phase-out existing Open programs while phasing-in the two new funding schemes, the Project Scheme and Foundation Scheme.

CIHR has been piloting the new Project Scheme design elements in many of these programs to ensure applicability of the new design while also identifying opportunities to further remove barriers to successfully integrate the partnered/integrated knowledge translation programs.

As the pilot results have been positive, these programs will be integrated into the new open funding schemes. The approximate deadlines for the final competition for each of these programs are:

Legacy Open Program Competition Launch Date Approximate Application Deadlines Funding Start Date
Transitional Open Operating Grant November 2013 March 2015* July 2015
Knowledge Synthesis June 2015 January 2016 June 2016
Knowledge to Action June 2015 October 2015 March 2016
Partnerships for Health System Improvement June 2015 October 2015 June 2016
Industry-partnered Collaborative Research June 2015 September 2015 April 2016
Proof-of-Principle (Phase I and II) June 2015 September 2015 April 2016
New Investigator Salary Award July 2015 December 2015 July 2016


Questions regarding the Open Suite of Programs and peer review reforms can be submitted to CIHR by email

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