Launch of National health-focused research networks

Government of Canada invests in national health-focused research networks
Five research networks have been named to conduct groundbreaking research that focuses on addressing various major health and life sciences issues. The following networks have been selected as Networks of Centres of Excellence:

The competition resulted in four new networks receiving funding and one existing network being renewed for a second five-year term. NCEs mobilize a critical mass of expertise from across the country, bringing together health, natural and social scientists, as well as engineers. Partners from industry, government and the not-for-profit sector contribute additional expertise and support.

Minister of State Wong announces new research network to help Canadian seniors live independently and safely
AGE-WELL is receiving $36.6 million over five years to help seniors live independently and safely at home. AGE-WELL will identify the needs of aging adults and find ways to reduce the burden on their caregivers. The network will use advanced technology to help achieve this goal. AGE-WELL will contribute to increasing the independence and quality of life for older Canadians while creating more affordable technologies that meet Canadians' needs.

CIHR launches BioCanRX, one of four new Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE)
BioCanRx is receiving $25 million over five years to support collaborative research aimed at developing novel Canadian therapies to fight against cancer. BioCanRX will help accelerate the most promising discoveries from the lab through to proof of concept, manufacturing and clinical testing.

"Biologically based cancer therapies hold the potential to be both curative and less toxic than many of our current treatment strategies. That in itself is very exciting. But what is really unique about this funding is it allows Canadian scientists to work together to develop several therapeutic strategies in parallel and then to test these both alone and in combination with each other with the goal of finding the most effective way to help our bodies' own defences fight cancer. In this case, the whole really is greater than the sum of its parts."

— Dr. John Bell, Scientific Director of BioCanRX, Senior Scientist at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Professor of Medicine at the University of Ottawa

This investment is the result of the most recent competition in the Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) program.

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Minister Ambrose announces new glycomics research network to prevent and treat diseases
GlycoNet is receiving $27.3 million over five years to develop new drugs and vaccines for conditions such as influenza, genetic diseases and diabetes. GlycoNet researchers will analyze the function of glycomes (or carbohydrates) in the body and find ways to take advantage of their biological role to fight various diseases. The Network will help to develop new drugs and vaccines to improve the health and well-being of Canadians.

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