Institutes Modernization Update


The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) continues to make progress on the Institutes Modernization enhancements, which aim to ensure that CIHR investments deliver the greatest impact on the health of Canadians.

Teams, including CIHR staff and Scientific Directors, have begun meeting to discuss how best to implement the enhancements. As part of this process, the teams are considering input recently received from various sectors of the health research community.

CIHR is committed to openness and transparency, and will continue to keep Canadian researchers informed of our progress. In particular, senior CIHR management have initiated an ongoing dialogue with Aboriginal health researchers to ensure that the unique needs and context of this community remain represented.

Through this exchange and other efforts to engage with Canadian researchers, CIHR will seek to ensure that the changes underway are well understood. For example, CIHR is introducing a new model for collaborative strategic research – CIHR’s Common Research Fund. The intent of this fund is to encourage the development of high-impact research initiatives that cut across several Institutes while also offering an opportunity for governments, charities, institutions, and other partners to leverage CIHR investments. This can include various forms of support, including complementary funding, but 1:1 fund matching is not required.

CIHR will continue to provide updates about our Institutes Modernization enhancements. As always, our focus remains on supporting health research that will have the greatest impact on all Canadians.

Dr. Alain Beaudet
President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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