Video transcript – Dr. Sarvesh Logsetty on the Advancement of Burn Care Network

IMHA Featured research: Dr. Sarvesh Logsetty ]

“Hi, I’m Sarvesh Logsetty and I’m the principal investigator on the CIHR network catalyst grant from the institute of musculoskeletal health and it’s designed to help create the Advancement of Burn Care Network in Canada. I’m extremely pleased that we managed to get this and I think it’s a feather in our hat here in Manitoba that the grant is to create the network based out of Manitoba. It’s for six-hundred-thousand dollars over three years which is a significant amount of money in today’s competitions. The goal of the Network is to create a multidisciplinary approach to burn care and will be including input from end users and burn survivors and also with input from fundraisers such as firefighters to try and improve and increase the efficiency in basic science research, and clinical care and research in burn care in Canada.”

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