2014 Peer Review Committee - Knowledge Synthesis Grant (KRS-201310 Stage 1)


Cave, Andrew James
University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB)


Angus, Donna
Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions (Edmonton, AB)

Arratoon, Cheryl
Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (Ottawa, ON)

Beyene, Joseph
McMaster University

Boivin, Antoine
Université Sherbrooke

Chasse, Michael
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Clement, Fiona Mary
University of Calgary

Clifford, Tammy Janice
Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (Ottawa)

Connor Gorber, Sarah Kathleen
Public Health Agency of Canada (Ottawa, ON)

Curran, Janet
IWK Health Centre (Halifax, NS)

Evans, David Charles
Vancouver General Hospital (BC)

Feldman, Fabio
Fraser Health Authority (Surrey, BC)

Finlayson, Marcia Lynn P.
Queen’s University

Furlan, Andrea Dompieri
University Health Network

Gifford, Wendy A.
University of Ottawa

Gilbert, Mark Philip James
BC Centre for Disease Control (Vancouver, BC)

Goldstein, Abby
University of Toronto

Hayden, Jill Alison
Dalhousie University

Hiremath, Swapnil
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Hopp, Lisa
Purdue University (West Lafayette, IN)

Kapoor, Anil
McMaster University

Kovacs Burns, Katharina Antoina
University of Alberta

Lazo-Langner, Alejandro
London Health Sciences Centre (London, ON)

Logan, Heather A.
Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies (Toronto, ON)

Lund, Carrielynn Ruth
CIET Canada (Edmonton, AB)

Martin, Claudio Marcelo
Victoria Hospital (London, ON)

McIntyre, Lynn
University of Calgary

Musto, Richard
Alberta Health Services (Calgary, AB)

Ogilvie, Gina S.
BC Centre for Disease Control (Vancouver, BC)

Pluye, Pierre
McGill University

Rader, Tamara M.
University of Ottawa

Rieder, Michael John
University of Western Ontario

Robinson, Kerry Leigh
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention Branch (Ottawa, ON)

Rotter, Thomas
University of Saskatchewan

Rourke, Sean B.
University of Toronto

Rycroft-Malone, Joanne
Bangor University (UK)

Sabharwal, Mona
Ontario Arts Council Foundation (Toronto, ON)

Saunders, Ron
Institute for Work and Health (Toronto, ON)

Schuckel, Victoria Marie
BC Ministry of Health Services (Victoria, BC)

Seitz, Dallas Peter
Providence Care – Mental Health Services (Kingston, ON)

Shea, Beverley J.
University of Ottawa

Sinuff, Tasnim
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Toronto, ON)

Steenstra, Ivan Andreas
Institute for Work and Health (Toronto, ON)

Tremblay, Jacques
Douglas Hospital Research Centre (Montréal, QC)

Turgeon, Alexis F.
Université Laval

Tyler, Ingrid
Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion (Toronto, ON)

Vedel, Isabelle
McGill University

Villeneuve, Alain O.
Université de Sherbrooke

Walker, John Roger
University of Manitoba

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