Exploring Translational Strategies to Combat Antibiotic Resistance – Appendix 2

Translational Strategies to Combat Antibiotic Resistance: “A Call to Action”

A Canada/UK Collaboration between:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research - Institute of Infection and Immunity (CIHR-III)
  • UK Health Protection Agency (HPA)
  • Canadian High Commission

February 6-7, 2013
Canada House, London, UK

Workshop Objectives:

  • To provide a forum for dialogue among international experts from the academic, industrial and public health sectors.
  • To facilitate networking among participants with a view to potential collaboration.
  • To promote the development of joint recommendations to combat antibiotic resistance and improve health outcomes at the population level.
  • To identify actionable items that could be addressed through a collaborative approach.


Day 1 – Wednesday, February 6th

Time Agenda Item Presenter
9.30 Registration and networking
Participants will be assigned to specific tables
10.00 Welcome Caroline Martin, Canadian High Commission
10.05 Aims and Objectives of the Workshop Judy Bray, CIHR-III
Nigel Silman, UK-HPA
10.15 Introductory Remarks Marc Ouellette, Scientific Director, CIHR- III
10.25 Round table introductions
Participants will have an opportunity to briefly introduce themselves and their area of expertise.
11.15 An overview of the challenges in AMR
  • The UK/Global Perspective
  • The Canadian Perspective
  • Plenary discussion
David Heymann, HPA
Howard Njoo, PHAC
12.00 Networking Lunch
12.45 Introduction to Breakout Session 1 Mitch Rogers, HPA
12.50 Breakout Session 1: Antibiotic Stewardship
Participants will discuss and prioritise the unsolved challenges and barriers in:
  • The true magnitude of the AMR problem – burden of disease (national and global), relative health risk, vulnerable populations, current trends, emerging problems
  • Antibiotic use – prescribing practices, environmental use (agriculture, animal husbandry), emerging trends
  • Infection control strategies – policy development, educational programs, infrastructure issues
13.50 Report back and plenary discussion All, Chair: Mitch Rogers
14.15 Introduction to Breakout Session 2 Nigel Silman, HPA
14.20 Breakout Session 2– Conventional Therapies
Participants will discuss and prioritise the unsolved challenges and barriers in:
  • Drug development pipeline
  • Development and uptake of rapid, point of care diagnostics
  • Discovering new antibiotics – sources, mechanisms of action
15.20 Health Break
15.35 Report back and plenary discussion All, Chair: Nigel Silman
16.00 Introduction to Breakout Session 3 Judith Bray, CIHR-III
16.05 Breakout Session 3 – New Approaches
Participants will discuss and prioritise the unsolved challenges and barriers in:
  • New approaches such as – vaccines, immunomodulation, therapeutic antibodies, combination therapies, probiotics, phage, etc.
  • Which are currently the most promising?
  • What is needed to take these new approaches to the clinic?
17.05 Report back and plenary discussion All, Chair: Judith Bray
17.30 Workshop close and health break prior to evening event Light refreshments: High Commissioner’s Salon, 1st Floor
18.00 One Nucleus BioWednesday: “An evening with John Carroll”
  • 18.00 - Registration with tea/coffee
  • 18.30 - Welcome from the Host
  • 18.35 - Welcome from the CIHR-III
  • 18.45 - Introduction from the Chair
  • 18.50 - Guest Speaker: “An Evening with John Carroll”
  • 19.20 - Q&A
  • 19.35 - Closing remarks from the Chair
  • 19.40 - Networking over drinks & canapés
Brian Parrott, CHC
Marc Ouellette, Scientific Director
Harriet Fear, CEO One Nucleus
Editor of FierceBiotech
21.00 Meeting adjourned

Day 2 - Thursday, February 7th

Time Agenda Item Presenter
9.00 Coffee available on arrival
9.15 Welcome and re-cap of Day 1 Judy Bray, Nigel Silman
9.30 Keynote Speaker Charles Penn, WHO
10.05 Introduction to Breakout Session 4 Judy Bray, Nigel Silman
10.15 Breakout Session 4: What’s working? – Examples of success, failure and lessons learned
Participants will self-assign to a group to share translational examples of success stories, failures and best practices – e.g. innovative funding programs; translation of research outcomes into practice; development of new therapeutics or diagnostics; examples of successful public/private partnerships, etc. in the following areas:
  • Topic 1 - Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Topic 2 - Conventional therapies
  • Topic 3 – New Approaches
  • Topic 4 –Other ???
11.15 Health Break
11.30 Report Back and Plenary Discussion
Each group will select up to three exemplars to present in plenary. Additional examples from the floor will be solicited.
All, Chair: Chris Dowson
12.15 Networking Lunch
13.15 “The Pharma Perspective” - Priorities and mechanisms for collaboration Richard Jarvest, GSK
Seamus O’Brien, AstraZeneca
Angela Wittelsberger, IMI
Chair: David Rhodes
14.00 Introduction to Breakout Session 5 Judy Bray, Nigel Silman
14.10 Breakout Session 5: Opportunities for collaborative action
Participants can stay with their group or re-assign themselves to another group. Additional groups may be added if new topics are identified. Participants will be tasked with identifying potential areas for collaborative action. For each action item a ‘champion’ should be identified to help move the item forward.
  • Antibiotic Stewardship
  • Conventional Therapies
  • New Approaches
  • Other(s)
15.10 Report back and plenary discussion – actionable items
The plenary discussion will include an “open mike” session where any participant can put forward an actionable item that they are prepared to lead.
Chair: Marc Ouellette, Nigel Silman
15.45 Next Steps & Closing Remarks Judy Bray, Nigel Silman
16.00 Meeting Close
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