CCNA Partners' Forum international experts – biographies

Dr. Philippe Amouyel

Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University Hospital of Lille, France

Philippe Amouyel is Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University Hospital of Lille in the North of France. He is in charge of a large academic research unit working on public health and molecular epidemiology of ageing diseases, attempting to decode the individual susceptibility to ageing diseases. A part of his research activity is devoted to cardiovascular diseases, understanding the multiple determinants of coronary artery disease and stroke. The other part is focused on the study of determinants, mainly genetic, of neurodegenerative diseases associated with cognitive decline and of Alzheimer's disease (AD) in particular. He develops large epidemiological studies in population to attempt to decode the individual susceptibility to ageing diseases, using molecular techniques (high throughput genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and bioinformatics…). In September 2009 he published two new susceptibility genes for Alzheimer's disease from a large European genome wide association study, that offered new perspective for the understanding of this major threat. He is one of the principal investigators of the International Genomics of Alzheimer's disease Project (IGAP) that aims at identifying in a global collaboration the genetic susceptibility of AD. Between 2002 and 2011, he headed the Institut Pasteur de Lille. Since 2008 he is the CEO of the French National Research Foundation on Alzheimer's disease and related disorders and chairs the Joint Programming Research Initiative on neurodegenerative disease and Alzheimer's disease in particular (JPND). JPND is the pilot of the joint programming approach to research collaboration in Europe, bringing countries together to address challenges that are beyond the scope of any single nation, such as finding cures for neurodegenerative diseases. JPND associates 27 countries 26 Member States and Associated-Countries and Canada.

Janet Carbary

Chief Finance Officer, One Mind for Research

Janet Carbary is the Chief Financial Officer of One Mind. She has a diverse background organizational management and strategic planning in the healthcare industry. Janet has held executive positions in finance and management, with over 25 years of experience as CFO, COO, and CEO with hospital systems in Texas, New Mexico, and Washington State. She has done additional work for a clinical laboratory and a start-up durable medical company.

Janet earned her Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Eastern Washington University and did postgraduate work in the MBA program at Gonzaga University.

Dr. Tarun Dua

Medical Officer, Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, World Health Organization

Dr. Dua is working as a Medical Officer in the World's Health Organization Headquarters in the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. She is the focal point for neurological disorders in the department and has contributed to many of the department's work in the area of neurological disorders. Dr. Dua led the development of the WHO report on dementia in 2012 "Dementia: public health priority". She has been the project manager for many of department's key projects such as "mhGAP Intervention Guide for management of mental, neurological and substance use disorders in non-specialised settings", WHO's world report on neurological disorders (Neurological disorders: Public health challenges), as well as WHO's Atlases in the area of Neurological Disorders. Dr. Dua was the focal point for development of mhGAP guidelines on mental, neurological and substance use disorders and neonatal seizure guidelines using GRADE methodology. She is an Editor of the volume of mental, neurological and substance use disorders of the latest edition of Disease Control Priorities in Developing Countries currently being prepared for publication in 2015. She is also involved in managing epilepsy demonstration projects in low and middle income countries – currently in Ghana, Mozambique, Myanmar and Viet Nam. Dr. Dua is the focal point for the revision of the ICD-10 chapter Diseases of the Nervous System, development of estimates of disease burden for neurological disorders, and development of normative tools for implementation of WHO's Mental Health Gap Action Programme (mhGAP).

Dr. Pierluigi Nicotera

Scientific Director of DZNE – German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases

Dr. Pierluigi Nicotera is Scientific Director and Chairman of the Executive Board at the German Center for Neurodenererative Diseases (DZNE) in Bonn, Germany. Since 2010 he is also a full professor for Neurodegeneration at the University of Bonn in Germany. Dr. Nicoreta has received multiple honors and awards among which in 2013, the Chancellor's Award Lecture in Neuroscience at LSU Neuroscience Center of Excellence in New Orleans, USA. His research interests include molecular mechanisms of cell death, calcium signalling and mechanisms of synaptic dysfunction and neurodegeneration.

Ronald C. Petersen

Chairman of the NAPA Advisory Council and Director, Mayo Clinic's Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

Dr. Ronald C. Petersen received a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Minnesota and graduated from Mayo Medical School in 1980.   He completed an internship in Medicine at Stanford University Medical Center and returned to the Mayo Clinic to complete a residency in Neurology.  That was followed by a fellowship in Behavioral Neurology at Harvard University Medical School/Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.  Dr. Petersen joined the staff of the Mayo Clinic in 1986 and rose through the ranks to become a Professor of Neurology in 1996.  In 2000 he was named the Cora Kanow Professor of Alzheimer’s Disease Research.    

He is currently the Director of the Mayo Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging and has authored over 450 peer-reviewed articles on memory disorders, aging, and Alzheimer’s disease.  He has edited four books, Memory Disorders, Mayo Clinic on Alzheimer’s Disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment: Aging to Alzheimer’s Disease and  Mayo Clinic Guide to Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Petersen is one of the recipients of the 2004 MetLife Award for Medical Research in Alzheimer’s Disease and the 2005 Potamkin Prize for Research in Picks, Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders of the American Academy of Neurology.   Dr. Petersen also received the inaugural Ronald and Nancy Reagan Research Institute Award in 2004 from the Alzheimer’s Association and the inaugural Leon Thal Prize of the Lou Ruvo Brain Institute in 2007.  In 2012 he received the Khachaturian Award of the Alzheimer’s Association.  His current research focuses on the study of normal aging, mild cognitive impairment, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Sir John Williams

Head of Clinical Activities, Head of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Wellcome Trust

Dr. John Williams trained initially as a neuroscientist at the National Institute for Medical Research, London. Postdoctoral training followed at Stanford and Duke. In 1998 he changed direction and embarked on a career in science administration when he joined the Wellcome Trust. He has held a number of roles within the organisation. He is currently Head of Clinical Activities and Head of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

Dr. Robin Buckle (Moderator)

Director of Science Programs, Medical Research Council, London, UK

Dr. Rob Buckle is Director of Science Programmes at the MRC, with responsibility for the four MRC Research Boards that allocate and oversee the majority of MRC's research funding. The four Boards distribute an annual budget of £170M in support of University and NHS-based research.

Rob is also Head of Theme for neurodegeneration research at MRC, and a member of the cross-agency Dementia Research Champion Group that helps guide the UK national strategy under the Prime Minister's Dementia Challenge. At the international level, Rob is a member of the Management Board of the EU Joint Programming Initiative in Neurodegeneration (JPND), and had lead responsibility for delivery of the JPND Strategic Plan published in 2012, as well as the Oversight Group for the Centres of Excellence in Neurodegeneration (COEN) initiative. In addition, Rob is also Director of the UK Regenerative Medicine Platform, a £25M cross-agency programme launched in 2012.

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