Celebrating the impact of health research: success stories in musculoskeletal rehabilitation – long description

Figure 1: Schematic of knowledge translation partnership for the development of a firefighter physical demands analysis

The schematic is composed of an internal sequence of activities and an outside cycle that reflect the development of a firefighter physical demands analysis.

The firefighter physical demands analysis was the first project undertaken by researchers and occupational stakeholders and was critical in developing a collaborative-based research partnership which is reflected in the internal and external sequence of activities.

  1. Internal sequence of activities: demonstrates the steps of the knowledge creation and development of a collaborative-based research partnership
    1. Identified partnership with stakeholders (firefighters, union, researchers)
    2. Partnership in Health System Improvement (PHSI) grant for fire-well (waiting)
    3. A qualitative study was conducted while waiting for funding notice maintaining employer engagement in research activities
    4. PHSI grant for fire-well: Successful
    5. Phase 1 of fire-well completed
  2. Action cycle: around the outside
    1. Tailoring interventions to context
    2. Assessing barriers to using knowledge
    3. Contextualizing knowledge to firefighter’s context

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