Video Transcript – Video with Dr. Robyn Tamblyn – Evidence-Informed Health Care Renewal (EIHR)

How does EIHR address the new challenges of today?

Dr. Robyn Tamblyn:

The challenge we’ve got – not just in Canada, but in other countries – is that we spend almost, in our case, 12 percent of the overall financing, and 50 percent of provincial budgets on health care, and that’s no longer sustainable. It’s crowding out services like education and so on. And so, we’re all in the business, internationally, of saying how do we re-engineer health care to support the new challenge, which is chronic disease prevention and management. That’s the big challenge.

The evidence-informed health care renewal initiative was aimed at pulling together the evidence, and making it available to people who will have to make decisions in Canada, so they can actually reform the health care system based on the best evidence of what works from the international community.

What do you expect out of the EIHR initiative?

Dr. Robyn Tamblyn:

We will bring forward summaries, systematic reviews, policy analyses that will be very helpful in making key decisions in how to address health care challenges in each and every province. The initiative has been set up that way, so that the key questions that a policy maker, a decision maker in Canada has about what to do are being addressed essentially by the research community. So I think that this will mean that timely, relevant information is available for decision making.

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