Message from the President of CIHR: Publication of the new design of the Open Suite of Programs and Peer Review Process


It has been almost a year since CIHR released the Design Discussion Document – a year of productive work, consultations and collaborations. Members of the research community shared their thoughts, expressing diverse views about the specific details of the funding schemes and peer review process. The entirety of the feedback received was catalogued, analyzed, and summarized in the What CIHR Heard:  Analysis of Feedback on the Design Discussion Document, released in August 2012.

CIHR also engaged with institutions, University Delegates, Institute Advisory Boards, partners, associations, and a number of advisors from the research community on aspects of the proposed design that CIHR agreed needed to be further refined.  All of these comments and suggestions were considered in the pursuit of excellence in the design.

We are pleased to share with you the results of our joint efforts in Designing for the Future: The New Open Suite of Programs and Peer Review Process. This document outlines the revised high-level design of the two new Open funding schemes and peer review process and can be found on the CIHR website. Governing Council has endorsed this design, and has directed Science Council to continue to plan for a thoughtful transition from CIHR's current Open programming.

Given the scope and scale of the proposed changes, and the intention to learn from the pilot competitions, course corrections and adjustments to design details and timelines may be required along the way.  It is our intention to keep the research community informed of any changes to transition plans as the Open Suite of Programs and peer review enhancements are implemented. 

The Open Program is the foundational strategy for CIHR.  We are confident that our shared vision for the new Open Suite of Programs and peer review process will enhance CIHR's ability to sustainably deliver on investigator-driven research. CIHR would like to thank you for taking the time to work with us and for your continued engagement as we move forward to implement the new programs and peer review process.


Alain Beaudet, MD, PhD
President, Canadian Institute of Health Research

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