Message from the President – Creation of Task Force on Ethics Reform at CIHR


At their August 2012 retreat, Governing Council directed CIHR to undertake a review of the approaches the organization currently uses to meet its mandate in the area of ethics. The objectives of the review are to ensure effective alignment of internal efforts and to achieve optimal impact vis-à-vis CIHR’s direction and processes and those of the newly created tri-council structure. To this end, I am pleased today to announce the creation of the Task Force on Ethics Reform at CIHR, which will conduct the review.

Dr. Bartha Maria Knoppers, Director of the Centre of Genomics and Policy, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Human Genetics, McGill University and Canada Research Chair in Law and Medicine, has agreed to chair the Task Force. She will be supported in her work by Drs. Tim Caulfield of the University of Alberta, Jim Lavery of the University of Toronto, Michael McDonald of the University of British Columbia and Daryl Pullman of Memorial University of Newfoundland. I would like to thank the Task Force members for agreeing to conduct this review on CIHR’s behalf.

The results of the review will provide CIHR with an invaluable opportunity to take stock of its accomplishments in the area of ethics and identify opportunities to improve efficacy and impact.

It is anticipated that the Task Force will present its final report to Governing Council in June 2013. A copy of this report, along with CIHR’s action plan, will be made public once presented to Governing Council.

If you have any comments or questions about the Task Force on Ethics Reform, please do not hesitate to send them to

Alain Beaudet, M.D., Ph.D.
President of CIHR

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