Developing capacity

There is a need to bring about a culture change, link partners together and effectively support training and career development in patient-oriented research, in particular, to grow Canada's capacity to attract, train and mentor health care professionals and patient-oriented researchers as well as to create sustainable career paths in patient-oriented research.

Patient-oriented research capacity means

  • Patients have the capability and support to meaningfully contribute to and participate in research.
  • The health research enterprise supports viable career paths for patient-oriented researchers and health professionals.
  • All participants in patient-oriented research receive the proper training and support.
  • Patients, researchers, health practitioners, administrators, and policy-makers work collaboratively towards common goals.
  • Relevant and transformative knowledge is generated and applied to improve health outcomes.

The SPOR Capacity Development Framework is designed to provide a shared vision, key principles and considerations for capacity development in patient-oriented research to guide the activities of all SPOR partners in this area. In alignment with this Framework, training, mentoring and career support will be integrated into the SPOR Networks and SUPPORT Units. Each SUPPORT Unit and SPOR Network will be required to clearly articulate a training and capacity development strategy which includes measurable objectives, clearly identified needs, plans and delivery mechanisms. They will also track and report on the results of their training and capacity development activities.

Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Collaboration Grants

The Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Collaboration Grants is one funding opportunity meant to build capacity by supporting research teams to conduct patient-oriented research. For more information, please consult the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research Collaboration Grants page.

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