DSEN Research agenda

DSEN has developed a Primer on Managing Researcher’s Conflict of Interest. This Primer serves as a reference document to reinforce teams’ responsibility to manage real and apparent conflicts of interest. This document describes actions DSEN researchers should consider undertaking to assist the DSEN Coordinating Office in implementing principles of transparency. This document also gives answers to frequently asked questions.

What is a DSEN Query

A DSEN Query is a focused, well defined question identified by healthcare decision-makers, resulting from a gap in evidence on the safety and effectiveness of prescribed drugs on the Canadian market; and, that can be addressed through DSEN sponsored research.


DSEN is presently focussed on the safety and effectiveness of Prescription Drugs (biologics and pharmaceuticals) used in the real-world. Over-the-counter Drugs, Medical Devices and Natural Health Products (including vitamins and minerals, herbal remedies, homeopathic medicines, traditional medicines such as traditional Chinese medicines, probiotics, and other products such as amino acids and essential fatty acids) are presently not addressed under DSEN's mandate.


At present, DSEN Queries are those potential research questions submitted by high level decision makers working within the Federal Regulator, a Federal, Provincial or Territorial (F/P/T) drug plan or an organization mandated to support F/P/T decision making with respect to drugs.

Stakeholders with a potential DSEN research question should complete, to the best of their ability, the template "DSEN Query Summary", identifying the various elements of the issue(s) relating to their DSEN research question.

The table below identifies the parties who are eligible as well as ineligible to submit DSEN Queries.

Eligible parties Ineligible parties
  • Federal regulator
  • F/P/T drug plan
  • Organizations mandated to support F/P/T decision making with respect to drugs (e.g. CADTH)
  • Voluntary Health Organizations
  • For profit enterprises (e.g. drug manufacturers, private insurance providers)
  • Individual practitioners
  • Community pharmacies
  • Public (e.g. patients, advocacy or consumer organizations)


DSEN has two documents available, which provide a description of the management processes of the DSEN Queries and guidance to assist stakeholders in submitting Queries.

Template "DSEN Query Summary" for submission of DSEN Query [ Fillable PDF (62 KB) ] (A Word version is available upon request to DSEN-RIEM@cihr-irsc.gc.ca).

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