Expert Alert – In the heat of environmental change

CIHR experts available to discuss the impact of climate change and air pollution on our health

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Ottawa (August 7, 2012) – It's well known that air pollution has a negative impact on our well-being. We can all name health problems due to it and respiratory complications come to mind immediately. What happens when extreme weather conditions are added to the mix? Health researchers are increasingly looking at air quality, the changing climate, and what it means for our health.

The following Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded researchers are available to talk about their research work.


How is air quality in Canada? What trends are we seeing?
Dr. Michael Brauer, CIHR-funded researcher (Vancouver, British Columbia)

How does climate change impact on our food chain?
Dr. Chris Furgal, CIHR-funded researcher (Peterborough, Ontario)

What do you breathe when you live in downtown Toronto?
Dr. Greg J. Evans, CIHR-funded researcher (Toronto, Ontario)

How air pollution triggers asthma?
Dr. Stephan Van Eeden, CIHR-funded researcher (Vancouver, British Columbia)

When a breath of air turns into lung cancer
Dr. Daniel G.C. Rainham, CIHR-funded researcher (Halifax, Nova Scotia),

Stronger sun rays – how should we protect ourselves?
Dr. Victoria Kirsh, CIHR-funded researcher (Toronto, Ontario)



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